Well here we are almost 26 years later. Hackerzlair made their first page on Oct 10 1996. Back then the page would get 10,000 hits a month. People would come in the channel on Dalnet with trojans on their machines and we would sit there checking as people came in. Spending a lot of time just helping them remove the trojan. It all started with "back orifice". They made their server icon a "blank.ico" and many put it on their machine trying to figure out how to use it ;) Everyone wanted to be a hacker back then and most had no idea what that means. To this day most don't know the difference between a "hacker" and "cracker".

Listed on this domain, if one goes to the trouble to look, are all the ways things were done. In the Archives and Reading Room, you can find information on how to start, apps that were used. If you really want to know how its done and there are really a lot of ways to do it, read. It's all here somewhere. How to crack, tools you need, password crackers, scanners and lots of "how to's". So if you want to be "in the know", it's here.

Old friends over the years ...
ferden, bedlam, stormbringer9, syn/ack, firetrack, darat, ledge, ladyinblk, nullptr, kewlmanic, midnightdove, HB^3, bT, fuUtA, overdoze, |PaRiS|, cronus, Thriemus, The_Guru, bT, bluecat9, al117, wizzbang, alucard23, TimelessP, R_R, phooey, d-matz, pyromaniac, Prodigal|Son and slinky^^.

Current members in no particular order:
blank / pROcon (founder), koala7, magickal1, smegma (e01), earthshaman, Strykar, fwaggle, Shinigami (biosone/micoria), erabbit (evilrabbit), AmishRebl, h4x0r3d, rwxr ('antimatter), pr00f, jrw3l, Phizzle, Spike, ^4naKtr, TbbW, ghost and of course wakka.